Designed for Performance

Performance is not measured by how fast the bus will go, but rather by its passenger comfort and protection. The Allstar XL, with its rock-solid, steel cage frame utilizes the same construction as the time-tested Allstar, offering passengers the best protection possible. Built on Ford's F550 chassis, the XL utilizes straight side wall construction and features a wide aisle to maximize shoulder space, giving your passengers the comfort they expect and deserve.

The Allstar XL is designed to accommodate a variety of seating arrangements including wheelchair accessibility and various storage options for luggage. The XL's chassis features proven gas and diesel engines built by Ford, which is known for quality and reliability over the long haul. Choose the Allstar XL...because performance matters.

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Allstar XL Ford F550 Floorplans

24 Passenger Plus 2 Wheelchair Flip
24 Passenger Plus 2 Wheelchair Foldaway
24 Passenger with Rear Luggage Plus Driver
28 Passenger with Rear Luggage Plus Driver
29 Passenger Plus Driver
32 Passenger Plus Driver
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  • Starcraft Allstar XL Ford F550 Brochure

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